On the Nose

56% | Oct 23, 2001 | Comedy, Fantasy

Brendan is a janitor at a university who has a fondness for gambling, especially betting on horse races. However, he doesn't have much skill at it, and poorly considered bets have drained the bank account he'd set aside for his daughter's education. Brendan's wife has made Brendan promise to give up gambling, but when their daughter announces she's just been accepted to Trinity College in Ireland, Brendan has to come up with the tuition money, and fast. While doing his sweeping at work, Brendan makes a remarkable discovery - the preserved head of an aboriginal tribesman who, under proper conditions, can pick the winners in horse races.

Featured Cast

David Caffrey
Tony Philpott


Dan Aykroyd
Dr. Barry Davis
Brenda Blethyn
Mrs. Delaney
Tony Briggs
Michael Miller
Jim Norton
Patrick Cassidy