Bruno & Boots: The Wizzle War

60% | Jan 04, 2017 | Comedy, Family

The Board of Directors launch an experimental educational program, introducing authoritarian Assistant Headmaster Mr. Wizzle to the boys of Macdonald Hall and the miserable Assistant Headmistress Ms. Peabody to whip the girls of the Scrimmage Academy into shape. With new dress codes, psychological testing, and early-morning wake-up calls with track laps as punishment, the boys and girls decide Wizzle and Peabody have to go. But how? As they pull out all the stops, they ultimately turn to the theory that “love conquers all” to oust the pair once and for all.

Featured Cast

Vivieno Caldinelli


Jonny Gray
Bruno Walton
Callan Potter
Boots O'Neil
Matt Baram
Mr. Wizzle
Drew Haytaoglu
Chris Talbot
Joshua Kilimnik
Elmer Drimsdale