To the Lighthouse

61% | Mar 22, 1983 | TV Movie, Drama

A faithful dramatization of Virginia Woolf's novel. A lecturer, his family, the spinster Aunt Lily, an old friend, and a student, Charles Tansley, spend a summer in an isolated house in Cornwall just before World War I. The stern Mr. Ramsay scolds everybody, while Mrs. Ramsay is the linchpin in keeping the family together. Aunt Lily paints, and the family talk about sailing to the lighthouse, but the trip is always postponed.

Featured Cast

Virginia Woolf
Colin Gregg


Kenneth Branagh
Charles Tansley
Rosemary Harris
Mrs. Ramsay
Michael Gough
Mr. Ramsay
Suzanne Bertish
Lily Briscoe
Lynsey Baxter
Nancy Ramsay